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We’re always on the lookout for top talented and self-motivated individuals with the capability and drive to help us create great entertainment products.


Open Position


Concept Artist

  • Creating 2D design, functional concepts and key character art for final character looks
  • Creating 3D ZBrush sculpts based on written and picture reference in a range of styles from realistic to stylized.


  • A minimum of 1 years of experience as a Concept Artist
  • Impeccable drawing skills and draftsmanship, anatomy and digital painting skills, with confident composition and color composition skills and creativity
  • High Level ZBrush skills
  • Open mindset towards learning new software
  • Open to feedback and teamwork


  • Exceptional traditional art skills
  • Production experience
  • Fast iteration in different detail levels
  • Experience in a diverse range of styles (realistic and stylized)
3D Animator

  • Work directly with Animators Supervisor as well as Director to identify and execute on the animation needs of Project
  • Producing high quality animations on time Position Requirements


  • 3+ years of experience in character animation
  • Able to work in a range of styles, from humorous/cartoony to realistic, and can maintain the appropriate style over the course of a project, with emphasis on realistic performance
  • Basic understanding of all areas of character creation (mesh, texturing, skinning, Riging)
  • Experience creating animation trees and animation blending.
  • Open mindset towards learning new software
  • Understand working within a real-time game engine’s limitations


  • Experience with Unreal Engine
Rigging TD

  • Design, create and modify animation rigs and simulation setups for character, prop and vehicle assets
  • Experience in riging characters for game engines


  • Must possess an understanding of skeletons, facial animation methodologies, constraints, deformers and other Maya tools and systems used for character animation and simulation
  • Maya Muscle knowledge is desireable
  • Experience with simulation setups, and integration of simulation elements into rigs
  • Understand working within a real-time game engine’s limitations


  • nCloth / nHair and syFlex knowledge
  • Experience with character animation
Character Modeler

  • Character and prop modeling based on 2D concept art
  • Sculpt high-resolution characters
  • Create clean game topology, UV’s and textures
  • Creation of blendshapes


  • Anatomical knowledge
  • Polygon modeling knowledge
  • Zbrush knowledge


  • Traditional art background (sculpture, drawing)
  • Relevant professional experience
VFX Artist

  • Has a deep understanding of how to create high quality visual effects for real-time game engine.
  • Creation of complex effects on the basis of supervisor suggestions and references
  • Smoke and fire simulation in Houdini and Maya
  • Liquid and RBD simulation in Houdini


  • Thorough knowledge of Maya, Houdini and FumeFX
  • At least 1-2 years of production experience
  • Ability to work independently
  • Fluent communication in English or Hungarian
  • Understand working within a real-time game engine’s limitations


  • Experience in Nuke or AfterEffects software


JP   +81 70 1057 3921
IR    +98 912 332 5536


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